Friday, June 25, 2010

Will Power...Ice Cream Be Gone!

Yeah...I am eating way too much ice cream! A lot of junk for that matter. We are only a week into the summer and I have indulged in ice cream every night, pizza, cheeseburgers and hot dogs. As well as countless other goodies. I always feel that the summer brings lazy days and snacks by the pool. But seriously, I HAVE to cut back before I am the size of a house. Will power! I must have will power!!!! Lay off the ice cream!!!!

Thanks to the silly band craze, (which I am totally bummed I could not invent little rubber bracelets that fall to various shapes and make millions of dollars off sucker parents) I have a new barging tool for D sleeping in his bed. Every night he sleeps the whole night in his bed he gets a silly band in the morning. If he does not, I take one silly band away. Last night he spent the whole night in his own bed!!!! Who knew the solution all along was bribing him with small rubber crap! He gets them at karate also, and has about 12 so far. This may not work in the long run, but it is summer and I can take the crying a little more. I have to have will power!!! I am not mean if I make him sleep in his own bed. Will Power....I am not mean! (say it with me!)

C was back at the doctor's yesterday for an infected in-grown toe nail. I will spare you the gross details. Poor kid, two times this week at the doctor. He is still fighting the strep, so the doctor put him on a stronger anti-biotic to take the place of the other. And it is for both the toe and the strep. (So two anti-biotic prescriptions in one week.....and you know how crappy my insurance is!) I made a general one else can get sick for the remainder of June. I know...Mrs. Mean. Really...Poor C. I just want him to get better, we actually will be taking him to a podiatrist because this is the second time on that same toe.

C turned ten Wednesday! I can not believe it. It seems like yesterday I had brought him home from the hospital,my little tiny seven pound munchie. Now he is 103 pounds and just about as tall as me. I miss holding him in my lap and snuggling him. And the time is just going to fly even faster. And it makes me feel old! I miss having babies.

I have not heard from the M-Person all week! Maybe he finally got the hint. It is so complicated, I wish I never got myself into the situation in the first place. More updates on that when it happens.

4 days till Eclipse...YEEEP!!!! Didn't I start this post about ice cream......I just finished a bowl.....

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  1. Ice Cream! Yumm-mo! Sadly I have indulged a great deal; it's been over 90 for the last ten days straight ... that is my excuse. :P)

    HOpe C is okay there. Sounds pretty painful. Soon he'll need regular pedicures! LOL