Friday, July 2, 2010

The Experience

I really should have written this post days ago, but I guess it took me awhile to recover from the fatigue. But really the night was worth it!

Tuesday night into Wednesday my BFF and I, S, went the the Twilight Saga Experience. Three movies, one night, over 9 hours in a movie theater. It was awesome! I seriously have not had a night out like that since I had kids, really since college. It was great to be where we were all fans, and all psyched up to see Eclipse premier at midnight. (And Eclipse was awesome, best Twilight movie yet!) And there were just some great laughs. From my ATM card getting stuck in the ticket machine, to the guy in the team Jacob shirt (yeah, a guy!), to the girl in the Gothic Costume, they were all there. And it was more than just TwiMoms and teenie boopers. There were kids as young as 8 there, and we saw a few as old as 70, just to underline my theory that Twilight appeals to all ages. I think S and I earned our card carrying Twilight Fanatic status. And would we do it again? Um...Yeah!!! I just don't know how they can pull off the five movies when the second half of Breaking Dawn comes out in two years....hmmm.

(I have one complaint. The fact that half way through New Moon I got a killer migraine and was pissed that it interfered with my Eclipse watching. By the time we got back to S's house I felt sick to my stomach from my headache. And sleeping for a couple of hours did not help. These headaches have got to stop.)

But the best part of the night.....I got to spend time with S. I have missed her and that was probably the most time we have had together in a long time. One of the other reasons I love Twilight, it has helped me have common ground to fix friendships and find friendships with other TwiMoms! (I was so happy that S got into Twilight.)I hope she had as much fun as me.

SO I guess if you are not a Twilight Fanatic you won't get it, but it was a great night. And Eclipse lived up to my expectations anyway. I mean I could have used my favorite line from the book, David Slade might have dropped the ball on that one, but all in all, good job!

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  1. I am sooooo jealous! I cannot wait to see this movie. So glad you had fun and got to hang out with a great friend, minus the migraine - what was that about? Did you OD on popcorn butter?