Monday, July 26, 2010

In D's head Part 4

So D has a appointment with a new doc at Children's Friend on August 31st. I have been wanting them to review his meds and see what we can come up with. For the past month I have had the feeling that the Daytrana is not working anymore and he needs a higher dose. But his pedi is unsure of what he wants to do, so I was thinking Children's friend would be the way to go. Seeing he is already a client there I didn't think it would take months for it to go through. I was hoping to have it squared away before the start of school. Oh well!

So his behavior has been erratic at best and combative at the worst. His engine seems to be running on high all the time and it is hard for him to calm down. Sleeping sucks, I am sick of him in my bed, and the fighting between the two of them is unreal. But he sees his behavior is wrong and gets embarrassed by it when we are talking to Nicole. And he can see the same behavior is wrong in other children, and he so wants to be good. I feel for him I really do. But sometimes I feel like giving up. That the struggle everyday is overwhelming. I am exhausted and frustrated. I love him so much and want us both to succeed in this battle, perseverance is my only way out. Perseverance and better determination. That whole sticking to my guns thing.

But the sweetest thing in the world is with the cow Sophie. Sophie is his cow at 4H. She has a bad front leg. The tendon was damaged at birth, she is three months old, and it is difficult for her to walk. He wants this calf to get better so bad so he can show her. We go up to the barn every other day and coax her to walk. (Besides his regular cleaning schedule.) He is so sweet with her. His caring and nurturing side really comes out with his animals. And he strives to do his best and behave his best in Karate and scouts. There is so much positive in him. I have to think of these things to get me through....he will make it, I know he will!

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  1. Kids can be so sweet. I love when the hardest person turns to the biggest softie in front of a needy soul. Sort of like the tough biker guy who is the biggest teddy bear of a grand father. Keep pulling inspiration from the sweet stuff. :P)