Thursday, July 8, 2010

It is HOT!!!!!!!!

My computer is slow tonight, it must be the heat. I am slow, the kids are slow and the muggy, stuffy and sleepless nights are getting old. My grass is brown, my garden droopy and the squirrels have not even bothered to rip any more corn plants out this week. (That has been a constant battle to keep them out of my garden!) And the pool feels like tepid bath water, damn humidity. I hope it breaks by Saturday for my brother's wedding. To stand there all that time in layers of taffeta will be a killer. I have to admit, I am not looking forward to this as much as I should be. The heat may be playing into that, but also I am feeling slightly out of place. The whole thing is still somewhat of a surprise to me. Oh goes on. It will at least make for a good blog post.

This heat wave has caused D to come into my bed earlier in the night. He is hot and whinny because he can't sleep. And than I get hot and whinny because that is all I need when it is hot. Him all over my bed. All the progress I thought we were making with the silly bands has gone out the window. The last couple of weeks has seen an increase in some defiant behavior and back to the bed troubles. As well as a return to the "bathroom" issues. I am on a quest to figure out what brought this on. I also need to sharpen up my resolve and follow through. Which is hard when you feel like a damp,limp rag. (But alas,the temperature feels a little cooler tonight.) D is such an emotional roller coaster ride!

And C, all of a sudden he has this fear of weather and if it is going to rain. I have yet to figure out if it's because rain will ruin his fun outside, or if he is just terrified of storms. But he is starting to freak when he sees clouds. He will keep asking me if it is going to rain. This just started so I have no idea why. I feel bad that he is so anxious about it. Hopefully it is just a phase he is going through. Is such a phase normal at 10?

Both my best friends are leaving for vacation tomorrow. Granted I do not talk to them every day, but they are just a email or facebook page away normally. Now they will be off the computer for a while. I will be lost!! I guess I am addicted to technology in that respect. I will miss them!!!

I think I need to jump in the pool!!!!!!

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