Friday, July 16, 2010

Jello Pudding Pops Please!!

If any readers are also my Facebook Friends you will know that the past day or so I have been obsessing on Jello Pudding Pops. The ones Bill Cosby promoted with cheesy TV commercials in the 1980's. A few years ago Popsicle came out with some but they were skinny and not really not the same. I want the big fat ones from the 80's. Maybe just a mood of nostalgia, but the heat and the summer, and all things Worcester from my brother's wedding, have made me think of the damn Jello Pudding Pops! But..we just had a killer thunderstorm and the heat has seem to broken for a time. That and a big bowl of my beloved ice cream might do the trick.

Things seem to be status qua here.(Status qua meaning never a dull moment!) Hubby hurt his leg at work Tuesday. Fell off the back of his work truck and messed up his right knee. Docs say it is a "sprained/strained lateral collateral ligament." Ice, rest, a brace, and Motrin seem to be helping. He should be back to normal duty by Monday. I would have felt better with a MRI, but he didn't ask for one. And I was not there. If it doesn't feel better by Monday I told him call back. It is under workers comp so it won't cost him anything. Now to complain. It is still hot here.90+ degrees hot. And, I am trying to save all the money I can for our trip in a few weeks. That and missing my friends who are on vacation. (S will not be back until the day I leave for VA, so it will be like 5 weeks until we talk!) Makes me a little grumpy. And Burger King gave the kids the wrong toys in their kids meals. It was supposed to be Eclipse stuff. What a rip off. Wow, I am grumpy and moody!

The M person called this week. Actually called my cell, I didn't think he had the number. Hubby gave it to him!(Why?) He was looking for a babysitter, of course.(That was a whole messed up story, let me tell ya!) Than today his wife called and asked me for a ride. All three of their cars are broken down! (It is so pitiful.) I drove her and the girls to the bank, and to get a part for M"s car. Now if they broke down and bought a decent car they would not go through this. But his wife is cheap, I mean real cheap. So once again I give in, and go back on my resolve, and be the good friend to his wife. And was friendly to him. Than I got the flirty email from him!!! Really I am seeing how dysfunctional these people are! I am not going into it, but for an educated person his wife is so dense sometimes. But, who am I to judge, huh?

So there you have it. Next week I am helping set up vacation bible camp at church, which I will be teaching at the first week of August. And I am hoping to make it to the beach next weekend. I am looking forward to the ocean.

Anyone know how I can contact the Jello people?

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    M & Family - total fruit loops.

    Burger King Eclipse toys break before you leave the place ... we have experience there.

    Certainly hope Todd's knee feels better soon.

    VK - Can't wait! Went to a water park today - 8.25 a person for three hours. Totally worth it, and thought of you guys. Might be something for the list.