Friday, July 9, 2010

Rehearsal Dinner

Just a quick little not on my brother's rehearsal dinner tonight. I had a better time than I thought. K's parents are so nice and they were easy to talk to. I still have not really talked to the other bridesmaids, but that's okay. And K and K seem so happy together. I have seen another side of my brother and, WOW! I heard that he is really romantic and caring to K. And he seems to get along so good with her family. Of that I am jealous. I so want a closer relationship with him! I found out he did read the letter I wrote him, but he had no comment on it. Maybe I will never get the closeness, but I just want some kind of relationship with him. I guess them asking me to be in the wedding is a step in the right direction. He just seems so different with her, and her family. Maybe what ever gap there is is to wide to close. I know that my mom could use him to call her more. She misses him. I am really trying to sort out my feelings on the whole thing. I wish I knew what I ever did to create this awkwardness between us. Oh well...cannot wait for the wedding tomorrow!

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