Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The terrible, no good, very bad day!!!

I just have to say today sucked! High on the suck o meter! I had a tantrum, which really did nothing. And now I am thinking that maybe my expectations are too high. Four years, two psychiatrists, 3 councilors and little progress. The boy confounds me. He saves his best for us! I am going to have to give up on forgoing meds and re think my position. Maybe in order to have talk therapy work, we have to get him to a place where he can focus and listen. I am going to have to think about upping the dose and adding a night time med. Which I have been fighting for the past year. Hopefully the doc at Children's friend will turn out okay. Because the pedi gave me nothing today. He does not want to go any further without the input from them. And he said that D was so much better. Yeah the public D. You can just see the glint in the eye. Aggggg, I wish I had not blown up at them. It just builds up like steam in a pressure cooker sometimes. And Todd just says I have no self esteem because I was doubting myself. I should know better than to try and talk it out with him. Men! I am so looking forward to my vacation and some time with one of my BFFs. (S called me last week, just when I needed her. I want to thank her for that, to call me from vacation so awesome!) Well, off to do some research.

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