Friday, July 16, 2010

The Wedding

So the wedding went well and my brother is now a married man! It started out raining,but by the time the ceremony started it had stoped. We got to take pictures outside and they had a beautiful sunset behind the wall of glass in the reception area. My mom behaved, the ceremony was beautiful and it was a great time over all. I actually have no weird stories to report, and no cases of mom making a fool of herself. My brother was so happy! I see a changed man when it comes to marriage and the family life. I hope that translates to our family. But my mother being my mother, I can understand if it does not. He told mom he read my letter, but had no comment for her. Well, like I said, would he tell her his reaction? I will continue to keep reaching out to him and we will see where the tide takes us. His wife is a sweetheart, and I really like her and her family. I had a great conversation with her mom. And his best man said it well, he has always been gruff, and shy, and a reserved guy. But with K, he is so different. So relaxed, and the way he looks at her speaks volumes. I wish them nothing but happiness and peace. I really hope it lasts a eternity!

Well I guess I lied. There was one small weird incident. We were in the bridal suite after the ceremony waiting for them to call us down to the reception. K and K were getting some more pictures taken. When the wedding planner from the country club comes walking in with a couple in shorts and tee shirts. She starts showing them around!! Us bridesmaids were looking at each other like, that's not okay! We could be undressed and all our stuff was in there. What was she doing? Todd later told me he was standing at the bar talking to a old family friend when he saw the planner walking a couple through the reception hall. He was like, "they are not dressed up and missed the ceremony. Who are they?" And than he and his friend realized the women was showing a perspective bride and groom the place, during my brother's wedding! Really? You don't do that! This was a brand new high end country club, (in Grafton MA everybody, just so you know). You do not show another couple the facilities during a wedding! Very crass. Everything else was very good and beautiful. But I would not recommend them for that alone.

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  1. So glad the wedding went well. It sounds like a nice time. I love talking to new people and getting to know everyone. I have a few signature lines to get the conversations going. S always laughs at me when I start asking who is on VK and if they have any pets. LOL. Although most recently I have added Twilight to my opening lines. :P)