Friday, August 6, 2010

And we are off.....

So we leave tomorrow for Virginia/Washington DC. I hope the drive and the trip go smoothly. I am excited to see my friend J, but a little nervous to leave the house and pets. It is the longest time we are going to be gone since we have been homeowners. Mom will be checking the house and feeding the cat, and she has the dog with her. So all that is left for me to worry, like I always do.

In other news, VBS is over and it seemed to go well. The new priest is young and seems really nice and it was great teaching the gospel to little kids who only wanted to make crafts! I have not heard from the M person all week, and he will not be able to find me next week so that is a major bonus! Do not know what is up with hubby. He has not said I love you in a while, and I just hate that void that always seems to hang in the air. Oh well, kill them with kindness I always say! Maybe the trip will help. Or maybe we will want to kill each other, who the hell knows. That and I was hoping to get my period before the trip. (TMI I know....sorry!) But I have not. It seems like every three months it's late, this weird little cycle. (God thing hubby is "fixed" and we never do anything anyway, or I would have to worry) Is it too early for pre-menopause? Good I hope so, I am only 34! Maybe I am just weird in the cycle department. I have been teary and slightly bitchy lately. When hubby did not say I love you back to me last night, I cried myself to sleep. Maybe it's PMS. Okay, how did I get on this train of thought, I should be having happy vacation thoughts.

Off to bed, want to be on the road early tomorrow!

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