Monday, August 2, 2010

Busy Week

So this week is super busy for me. I am teaching at Summer Bible Camp and running around getting stuff done for our trip next week. (I have to call J tomorrow!) The kids and I are excited. I think Todd is, it's hard to tell with him. My mother's birthday is Wednesday. I had her over for dinner and cake yesterday. So needless to say, Todd was in a pissy mood. I told her we would go out to a movie and dinner just the two of us on Wednesday. Hopefully it will make her happy and she will be all set while we are gone next week. The fact that she has not heard from K since he has been back from his honeymoon is killing her. I have to agree. What the F! Why go to the bother of having us all in the wedding to go right back to your old ways. I invited them out yesterday for dinner and never heard back. I guess deep down inside I never expected anything more. I hoped, and maybe thought it would be different. But, oh well.

C had a doctor's appointment today for his yearly physical. The doctor is concerned about his weight, as I have been. He is 105 at ten! And this weight gain is out of proportion to his gain in height. And he has gained three additional pounds in the last month. SO I pushed the karate and he joined up today. And we talked to him about healthy eating choices and more exercise. (cut back on TV)Hopefully in a few months when the doctor wants to see him back he will have lost a couple of pounds. The doctor said 85 would be a healthy weight for is age and height. So one more concern for me. Really I have been too relaxed lately with TV viewing, and food and treats, and giving in. I have to change myself in that area. I am so worn out from fighting with D sometimes. But like I said, I have to have realistic expectations. The more small stuff I let go, the less stress I am feeling. Like I keep telling myself my house does not need to be immaculate. I can let some stuff slide, and life will go on. And so what if they play in the dirt? They wash!

A little PMS going on this past weekend. A little felling sorry for myself and some overreacting and bitchy behavior. But at least I recognized it and put it in check before I had a melt down! I am highly emotional sometimes. I will admit it. So I better go to bed and get some rest. I think the kids thought I was a little "dry" at church today. Got to liven it up tomorrow!

Oh yeah....the M person. Wow, I wish I knew what an idiot he was years ago. And he only calls when he wants a babysitter or something. Ugh, they make me nuts! And I babysat for TT last Friday. Todd begged me to. I must have sucker on the front of my face. Who in their right mind does that. Babysit for people who you have these pasts with! really I love kids, and feel bad for them when they are in these situations. I have to learn to say no. How am I ever going to have a clean break from the situation. Every time M calls, I break down and help them. And TT, ugh. I don't like her. I told Todd that and he can not see why I don't liker her. Even if he had never talked to her, she is just not someone I have anything in common with or anything. And she lets that dead beat husband shack up with the neighbor and come home to live under her roof, and wonders why her older son has anger issues. Gee!

Vacation is going to be a wonderful thing!

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  1. You my friend are too nice to people! I am sure you already know that though :P) Too bad about C. Things like that can be so tough on a kid if you don't nip it early. I am sure you can help him in a positive way. Everything will be okay.

    See you soon!