Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Note....

I am going to say, as hurt as I am , as unsure as I am of what is going on, please don't hate Todd. Maybe he doesn't know where his head is, or is unsure of something about himself. Or maybe it is all my fault. There is two sides to every story, and the only side I have is my perception. I know that tonight I am so frustrated. I just want a hug, I just want to be needed more than to make his lunch and coffee. I just keep hoping that I wake up from a bad dream. He doesn't have to worry about me hurting myself. He hurt me enough the night he told me those words. How could I have gone so wrong?

On the other side I put out a job application for a job I really want. Keep your fingers crossed. I will update on that later.

1 comment:

  1. Do you realize how generous and kind you are? Even in the middle of chaos and sadness you take the time to give other people credit for things - like saying you had a good VK before you delve into all the nasty details of getting hurt and now how you ask for everyone not to hate T. You are so sweet and so gentle in spirit. I am sure no one is hating T or thinking anything other than his head might be stuck up his ass (you can laugh at that one, weather it is true of not it just sounds funny) I am praying he'll come around and that both of you will find new roles that are fulfilling and complimenting to your relationship and your family. I am sure everyone wants the best for you both.