Monday, September 13, 2010

A breath of fresh air....

This past weekend my church had their annual fair/flea market. It started with an outside Mass on Saturday evening. I have to say I really enjoyed that. I don't know if I have ever been to an outside Mass, a Catholic one. The rectory grounds are so pretty and the new priest seems to want to use them more. The weather was awesome, not too hot or cold and late afternoon sun, a hint of fall in the air, it was beautiful! After Mass the fair started and I spent a couple hours selling the food tickets and volunteering while I sent the boys off with T to eat and mingle. Even my mom was visiting and talking. It was great to let the boys run around with their friends and not have to worry about where they were every second. (The rectory grounds are pretty closed off and we knew everyone there.) There was even the requisite Boy Scout Troop there with their "monkey bridge". A big draw for all the boys.

I actually felt good for a couple hours! I like the new priest. He is young and always has a real engaging homely. I come away feeling like I "got something". Next week CCD starts and it's my first year teaching. I am actually kind of excited. I feel I can learn about my self and my faith while I teach the kids. Put that Catholic school education to good use. I am worried just a little about the kids listening to me and keeping control, of the kids that is. I have third grade, but what kid wants to sit in CCD on Sunday morning? It will be interesting!

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