Friday, September 24, 2010

The Great YO-YO debacle

D lost it last night over a yo-yo! The night was going well, karate, dinner and playing, transitioned into homework pretty smoothly. We were all done by 7:30. He had just finished his homework and I told him it was time to take a shower and get ready for bed. That was when he remembered he took out a book from the library on yo-yo tricks. OK, he had to go find his yo-yo so he could read the book. OK, only he could not find the yo-yo. I told him "let's look for it tomorrow", that my friends is when all hell broke loose! He started jumping, crying and yelling. Followed by incoherent sobbing, mixed in with such statements as "I can't live like this!" and "I am leaving!" At which point he grabbed a paper bag and started shoving things in it. At this point the hubby and I are trying not to laugh at the ridiculousness of it all. Hubby asked him. "where should we forward your mail?" (We knew he was not leaving, just trying to manipulate us into his way) And I said "But if you leave I will be sad." An hour and a half later he finally got into the shower screaming for us to leave him alone, still we did not relent. After the shower he was going on how no one loves him, he has no one to play with at school,he is no good at football and various other things. Now, of course we love him. And I have addressed the friends at school thing many times, he has them, the teachers all say he plays well with the other kids. I think he gets himself so worked up he can't stop. That my friends, is where the Zoloft comes in. It became no longer about the yo-yo and about him having no control. He wants what he wants when he wants it, like every other kid. But, unlike every other kid, the filter is not there. Sure he has empathy, I have seen it in action. But he also needs his needs meet. Weather real, or not so realistic, right now. The bad thing, he has no yo-yo. He had two and broke them. C has a couple, bu won't let him use them. Of course! So I am interested to see if the yo-yo will still be an issue after school. I personally think it was a gate or intro way to an overwhelmed, over stimulated D. There had to be something else going on. I think that football was the key. He wants to be good at everything and he doesn't know how to play football like his friend. (His friend's father is a football coach.)Never mind he is advanced in karate for his age and knows a lot about cows and how to show them and many other things. He still has to be better. That can work in his advantage. But more times than not it can also get you in trouble. Oh the mysteries of D'S mind.

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