Thursday, September 30, 2010


So here I am. I have neglected my blog this week because I have been working on my novel. Now this is nothing new, it has been sitting on my computer for a year and I finally tried, and got it on, Wattpad. For those unfamiliar with wattpad, it is an online writers network that publishes stories ranging from teen fiction to fan fiction, to crime dramas and non-fiction, and everything in between. The amount of work and talented writers on wattpad is amazing. So many people can write, and write good. Once the publisher approves you you can upload and put your work on there for votes. Anyone anywhere can read your work and vote, even publishers. It gets you out there. SO my story is on there. If you go read it PLEASE vote! The more votes I get, the more notice my work will receive and maybe be featured. I have gotten positive feedback so far, and a couple people waiting for more chapters to be uploaded. I will share a link at the end of this post. is a comedy of errors. My stove, the oven part, broke and to have it fixed is a $90.00 part and $190.00 service fee. AFTER, I pay my propane bill. I just had a gas leak fixed last week, so it is killing me. In the meantime went and bought a counter top convection oven. I am trying it out for the first time now. I'll keep you updated on that. Short term fix, till the cash starts flowing! My car finance company took out a double payment for my van. I called and told them the second one would not clear, there was no money left in the account. So they go and put the money back in my account that was not there in the first place, after the first one cleared. Really all they had to do was put a stop on the second one because I didn't want it to go into my overdraft. Well today , they called and told me they took the cleared payment to cover the money they put back that was not mine, and I owed them two months payment. Confused? Yeah, so am I! Long story short I had to borrow from my mom to pay them and now she will be on my case till next week when I pay her back. Unemployment ran out, so I have a new claim in that will take three weeks to process. See the mess! On the other hand I have an interview next week with the post office in West Brookfield, and put out three more applications. Keep all your fingers and toes crossed. UGGGGG!

D is behaving really well in the afternoon and evenings. Still not used to taking the Zoloft, but getting better. Morning time is still troublesome. Some days worse than others. Hopefully as we get the meds sorted out it will help . I am real proud of the progress he is making.(Bathroom is going awesome! No accident in a month!Bed time next item to tackle.) I always tell him that. Now to work on that constant bickering between the two. BROTHERS! UGGGG!

Hubby and I ...well we are here. Saw the therapist again. I think he thinks it is a load of hooey. But to his credit, he is trying. I am going to see her alone for a month. He has an open mind to work this out, but he is also talking a lot to TT again. I really think he is looking for someone to blame and a way out for his roll in the M person fiasco. I know he has a guilty feeling on it and he will never tell a therapist about it. I am really going to work on myself and hope it filters down to us all. In my mind I am giving him a year. I have not said that out load to anyone. I think he really does not know what love is. I think he is still looking for a magic ray from above of insight. You have to work to stay in love. No one ever told him that. It's not easy. Monday is our anniversary, I am dreading it. I hope I can stay positive while he overlooks it, I keep telling myself it's just a number on the calender. I am trying to not bring it up. So far we have not spoken a word on it.

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  1. Yeah! Progress with D! I am so glad to hear that. Also I am really glad to hear that you are are looking more into the future with yourself. Sounds like you aren't just going through the motions but acting like you are worth it. All this work, all this pain, all this heartache isn't for nothing, you are worth all the work and all the effort and so is your marriage. Always here for you!