Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Water for Elephants

Short book review on "Water for Elephants", because I read it and tottaly loved it! I can not wait for the movie, as long as they don't mess it up and dumb it down which they tend to do with my favorite books.

Water for Elephants is the story of Jacob. An old man(90 or 93 he can't remember) is sitting in a nursing home waiting for his children to show up, and thinking how his life got where it is. The present day scenes in the nursing home are excellent. They should be required reading for anyone who takes care of the elderly. From his passion, to his feelings, to how some workers forget that these are people who have important pasts, it is moving. The flashback scenes are even better. A little known time in America, depression era circuses, takes you on a wild history ride. Filled with personal tragedy, love and redemption. From young Jacob's running away from Cornell and joining the circus, to his love affair with the love of his life Marlena, to the agony of the great depression, it just works. I can not say enough good about this book without giving it away. Knowing that my favorite actor, Rob Pattinson, is playing Jacob in the movie makes me want to see it alone. But the story is compelling. Hopefully the movie does it justice. So many of my favorite books are coming to the movies in the coming years. From the Hunger Games series to The Host, they have got to do better than they did with Twilight.

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