Friday, October 15, 2010

Gate 40

So Monday was Columbus day and we finally got to take the hike I had been looking forward to. Say what you want about Columbus day and his exploitation of the new world, at least he gave my family a day off together. I went out to the Quabbin and the old town of Dana (gate 40 in Hardwick) where there are tons of old roads, remains of houses, and a forgotten plane wreck in the woods, with the expectation to loose myself in the trees. I wanted to not think about mortgages, marriage troubles, jobs and other assorted crap. I wanted to relax, let go, and take in one of my favorite places in Massachusetts. It would have been perfect if I could have kidnapped T and taken him there alone, but having the boys there was great. If you ignore the fighting, crying, and assorted complaints. I also intended to finish C's outdoorsman activity pin for scouts. We did, but the whole trek back he complained that he was tired and his legs hurt. Really just pre-teen poor me stuff. I wish T had more patience with the boys. Maybe then the first hour of the trip wouldn't have been him snapping at D for being D. But, I was of the mind nothing was going to spoil my day! The weather was awesome, the temperature just right, and the tress brilliant colors. I even packed a picnic lunch and we ate on the trail. And the whole day was just kind of conflict free. I found that a positive mind set can lead to positive around you. And I decided that I want to take care of me more than I have been. I want to be true to myself. I also found myself planning my next book centered around that forgotten old town and the stories that could be hidden there. On the way back out I tried to take T's hand. He pulled away saying it would break his stride. I just wanted to feel closer to him, for all my positive thoughts that one little action stung me like a quick bee sting. (I walked with C and he let me hold his hand. I than realized he is almost as tall as me and pretty soon he will be too embarrassed to hold his mom's hand. Oh my little boys, I love them so!) I love it out there. I love the whole Quabbin and the sad history it holds under the water. From the dams and the look out tower, to the islands and the trails hidden in the woods, it can be peaceful, serene, and very inspiring to me. If the boys had let me I would have stood in the old center of Dana with my eyes closed for longer. Visualizing the houses and hotels and roads I have seen in old pictures. Trying to hear whispers of voices on the wind. I really have to get a few more hikes in before fall is over.

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  1. I have got to get out there one of these days! A plane wreck! Really?!?!? So jealous!

    Good to have worked on C's pin. He certainly isn't quiet in the complaint department - LOL. Still better to hear something from him. Soon the pre will be gone from pre-teen and he will just start grunting or rolling his eyes in response. (I say this all jokingly - he really is a great kid!)

    OMG about your story getting copied. How strange and disappointing. How can you protect your work online? Whatever the obstacle though - keep writing, you really have a talent!