Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Music that inspiers me

So My last post I wrote about how I even have a sound track for my book in my mind. There are certain songs that have influenced the writing of the book and some will be referenced in the text and others just run through my head when I am writing. The above song,"If I Die Young" is Lilly's song. Right now I am facinated by that song and the new band that sings it, The Bandperry. Check them out. Just a few more songs are noted below. To me, music and writing go hand and hand! If you like them buy them and support the artists. Alot are independent indie labels.

Till Kingdom Come- Coldplay (Aaron)

Don't Give Up The Fight-Revive (Dameon)

Bad Company- Cover by Five Finger Death Punch (Matty, when I was writting the night of the murder)

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