Friday, October 29, 2010


I don't think it's possible for my head to hurt anymore than it does. I have not had a migraine this bad in at least three weeks. I feel like I make it two steps ahead and get knocked back five. I just want to work, pay my bills and love my family. Is that too much to ask people! I have had enough drama to last a life time. I just told my BFF S that I feel like I lost the last three months walking around in a fog. And even that feels like an understatement.

So I passed the road test for the USPS this morning. The guy actually reminded me of my dad. (He would have been about the same age, and would have got the biggest kick out of me working for the post office.) But it was pretty easy, and now I officially have the job offer. Just a few more hoops to jump through and I am there. I have to go back and have a pre-employment physical Monday and than it looks like orientation. Wish I had a set schedule so I could see if I need child care. I might just line it up in case.

I am one month behind on my car payment. Can you believe the REPO man actually called T tonight. He was going to find me on the road! I think it is all a big scare tactic. We got home, and called in the payment, and things were all fine and dandy. Really jerks! One month, actually a half a month, oh man! Now I am into my mom for even more money, and let me tell ya she holds it over my head. This job can not come soon enough. A year out of work as screwed us over!

D's therapist wants D to go to a social skills group. I think he needs it, so I am really checking into the name she gave me. I don't agree with him not seeing her when he does that though,he has so much other things to work on. Don't worry, I will speak up on it. Like sleep. If that boy does not sleep, and stay asleep, I am going to be a zombie! Two goals for this month of November with D: Morning routine and staying in bed! But, hubby has to be on board. He has to step up. I can not always be the bad guy. But do you know the little sweetie told her Hubby and I are his heroes. My poor little guy. So much going on in his head, I wish I could help him process it all. You can see how hard it is on him, to not be able to shut it off.

Well, I am going to bed. I can't get past this headache anymore. It's getting hard to think. And I so wanted to start some query letters tonight. Well, tomorrows another day.

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  1. Great news about USPS. But it sure is clouded by other things. I sure hope your head ache has gone away by now. Lots of Hugs - Jamie