Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Regarding the story

To all fans of my Wattpad story "Hunting the Moon": It was brought to my attention today that work has been stolen off wattpad and passed as someone else's on various other sites. Because the security on the site was not what I was told, and the fact that "Hunting the Moon" is seriously very important to me, I am closing my wattpad account. The story will continue and chapters will either be posted here, or I will start a separate blog to post the book in it's complete form. I spent all day today editing and writing a twenty page chapter, and if this was to be stolen on me I would be pissed. I am not saying that my work is good enough to steal. But it is mine and some of you who have read it like it. So if you read my blog and want the link to another blog for the story, please let me know. Either here or in a private email. I really like the story and hope you guys too. And this way I can post chapters as I like. And trust me it is getting good!!

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