Monday, November 22, 2010

So many people are going to hate this.......

I hate it myself! But in the interest of random Monday melancholy and all things that should not be, I am going to say it. I am alone, and I am missing someone that I hate and really should not be missing. I wish the damn fool would get out of my head. I am waiting for hubby to come home, as always, and trying to think of other things. Take Wes Welker for instance. I so have a crush on him! Best Patriots player ever! For me anyway. I should think of him. Or how much better things have been with hubby. Or my road test tomorrow,or my Christmas shopping list anything but the jerk that keeps showing in my head! Maybe because I saw him drive by the other day, or maybe because I never got to tell him off properly. Who knows. But I feel a little better now that I got that out. What is a blog for anyway, but random stuff on a rainy Monday night. Don't worry, I am going to go make a Voodoo doll and poke some pins in him. That should make him go away!

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  1. Yah, you are simply romanticizing a connection. Funny but I do that about places I use to live. "Oh I miss California, it was so nice and calm." WTF, I lived in the middle of nowhere and was dying because there was NO life. LOL - I think the same applies. Be diligent, there is nothing there for you. (PS. Your not a bad person because you think those things sometimes, it is okay)