Monday, November 15, 2010

Update on the Rant

So you know how I said I had that job at Independent Garage Door, well I don't. I found out today I have to train for the post office the remainder of this month. And, Marnie's husband does not want to wait for me to start and said I had to choose between the post office and them. Well, I choose the post office! More money, all the crap I have been through to get the brainier. Plus adding up what I would have to pay for after school care it almost would have not made sense. So I am back to one job. Really...I am happy about that. I don't think I could handle working six days a week. But hubby wants me to so bad. He is frustrated, I know. But I think we need to wait and see how much the post office brings in and has me work. It might be fine. In my book something is better than nothing!

And D. Had him in urgent care yesterday for the constipation issue. The doc sent us home after an x-ray saying he would be fine and continue the laxative. Well, got a call from his pedi today while I was at work and they said the radiologist read the x-ray and thinks there is a bigger build up of "stool" than they thought and we need to get him to GO. And he has a follow up Wednesday AM. Well, went to HR at the USPS and they said I can't miss a day of training and I would have to start from day one again. Well, cue the tears building in my eyes. I was worried about D here! So I called my mom and she is taking him to the doctor Wednesday AM for me. My goal for tonight is to get him to poop. My stubborn little boy! All the changes, he holds it in because it's something he can control. Than he gets himself in trouble. He knows I will stay home and take care of him. He has had this issue in the past. (common with Apsbergers kids, boys especially. But can be very serious) So here I am doubting the work thing again. It seems I went from elated in my work progress, to downright overwhelmed within the space of twenty four hours. D is the full time job I need to focus on, and than part time with the post office. And hubby is going to have to deal. I need to be here for the boys! He forgets D comes with his own set of challenges. And yeah, it sucks, but a little broke I can deal with if it means I am there to advocate for D and keep him healthy. Somethings are out of our control. Frankly the boys are more important to me, and the USPS is the job I wanted. I hope hubby understands.

I also found out I have to go back to Boston next week. UGGG! My driving test is in South Boston. Really? That is going to be interesting! Maybe it's all a mute point.

So that's the update. I am slightly frustrated today and a little overwhelmed. Worried about D, and in need of some serious chocolate!
(And sorry for all the "poop" talk)

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  1. Oh Boy, have you tried to look at things from the "outside"?. You are right D is controlling the situation, and even though you are reaching out for help from your mom, you are totally feeling the guilt. D is trapped in his own mind at times; sweet as he is, it can't be easy. Still it might be a time to instill the "tough love". He will be fine - I promise. The boys are both so precious and just all around awesome kids, which means they will grow to deal with mom working. T can't be left in the dark either. Such a double edge sword, I know. I just want to say that it looks like you, as a family, are making great progress and it would be such a backslide if you guilt your way out of it. Keep going, keep you head up. Your doing great.

    From the 'outside' it seems clear that T is getting back to you and maybe because the kids aren't the only focus... harsh - sorry. Men won't say it, but so true in so many families. (I know - way more issues, this is just my small take on one of those issues)

    Keep it together. D will be okay. C will too. Training is worth it. You need it, for yourself, for the cash, for your family. The boys need to see you strong and loving. Take it from me, do not be a martyr in your own family; it never works. Your doing great. Keep it up.