Friday, December 31, 2010

New Years Eve

So it's almost midnight, and the new year, so I was thinking I should have a witty blog post. Something about how 2010 sucked rocks and how 2011 is all about renew and doing things right. But hey, I have beat that horse to death here and on my Facebook page. Really, what more can I say about it. So I will say that the last week since Christmas had been crazy busy. We have helped P and M move, I worked during the snow storm Monday, hubby has had more time off this week than he has had since August, and having him home was nice. My brother in law is home before he ships off to Korea for a year. And we had a pretty good Christmas eve with my brother and his new wife. And today I got to spend the afternoon with J and her son while they are here visiting from Virginia. She has got to be one of the best friends I have ever had. She is just so real. Something you don't see alto these days. I would have never made it through these last four months without her and S. I have actually been pretty happy this week. Even with D being in rare form and testing my patience at every turn. Wow, he was really trying to get me going this morning! And it worked. We saw Dr. Mirsky on Tuesday and he upped his Zoloft to 50mg. He is hoping that helps with his sleep problems. I hate to keep turning to meds,but his anxiety worsens at every turn if we don't keep up with it. And just the fact of the holidays, and all the family home, and all the excitement, even "normal" kids have trouble this time of year. I have to remind myself to take a breath,and a step back,and try not to say things I will regret. (Which yesterday I failed in that department!)And D's birthday is Sunday, something else that is making him overly excited. Hopefully when everyone gets back to work and school, and a normal routine, he will calm down. I am sure that will be the case. Sometimes too much togetherness can backfire. But the more I talk to other moms and see other kids the more I realize that he is more normal than I think. That was another good thing about being able to visit with J today. We were able to talk and see where D and her son C are the same. It helps to know that you are not alone. I needed that break and that perspective. And it helped this holiday season to see all the people that care enough to help and be there for me.I can't even begin to explain and tell you all the things that have come my way the last couple of weeks. And I want to thank everyone who stepped up.

So for the New Year I want to be hopeful and thankful. To work harder to achieve the things I want to achieve. Weather that means work harder on my book or take all the hours I can at work. I will be there for my boys and take time for myself. I can hear the fireworks across the lake and see the snowmobiles chasing each other, here it is, 2011 and all it's possibilities waiting to be realized.

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  1. Sappy.

    I heart you too.

    I had a blast on both Friday and Saturday. It was especially nice Friday, to just be moms together and let the kids have some fun.

    Happy New Year,