Monday, January 3, 2011

The 100 Books in a Year Reading Challenge

So I happened across this blog as I was blog hoping, Book Chick City, and on there was the 100 books in a year reading challenge. Now, I love books as you know, and a good challenge. So, I am going to take the challenge. My goal? To read 100 books between now and December 31 and blog about them. Only print books count, and I have to encourage you, my readers, to take the challenge also. So go on over to, or click on the link on my sidebar under blogs I follow, and take the challenge! My other goal is to hit 80,000 words in my novel by May and make at least one attempt at publishing. Which that one might be hard. I probably have a better chance of reading the 100 books!

So the book I started Yesterday, my first book of 2011, is Incarceron by Catherine Fisher. It is in the steam punk/dystopian genre that I have become fond of. I shall be reviewing it soon for you, and I am loving it so far! So take the challenge!


  1. lol - I am good for about 20! Actually that might be a stretch too. Do kids books count? I feel like I read 100 a day sometimes.

  2. I joined up for this challenge too!