Saturday, January 15, 2011

Eat, Pray, Love

I am alone tonight. This never happens, to even say rarely would be a lie, because it is never. My boys are all out indoor rock climbing and are sleeping over there. And I am loving it! I worked on a freelance article I am writing, baked some bread, made some soup, than decided to eat bread and soup and cheese, while watching a movie in my PJ's. Total bliss I might add. Except that I think I am getting sick and have a killer headache now! So tea than bed.

But the movie I watched was Eat, Pray, Love.. and I loved it. I am putting the book on my list right now. Two things. First, it is a chick film, can't get around it. And secondly, I want to go to Bali! But really so much of that movie struck a chord with me and made sense to me. If I could go around the world to find myself.... man. The thing I take away from it the most is that I need to not feel guilty about doing things for ME! Like sitting in my PJ' and writing. Or sitting in my PJ's and reading. Or, just sitting in my PJ's! Sometimes we are so dissatisfied with what we think we should be, we loose sight of who we are. That's what I have been trying to tell myself the last six months. Just be me! Crazy, eccentric me. So I have to answer the question..Should I be content with staying to keep the peace? you figure it out.

Someone very important to me just wrote the most wonderful thing about me in her blog. It made me cry. And it made me realize just being myself is enough for her.

I promise I will get back to the book reviews and the posts about my novel. But tonight I needed a little PJ time, a little girl time, and a little me time.

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  1. I cannot wait to see that movie! It looks so good and one I can totally see in my PJ's by myself! How awesome that you got time alone in your own house! I love that. (sometimes I feel selfish about it, but seriously - I love it)

    The other day my husband said "why don't you take some time to your self and take a bath". And my immediate thought was "gee thanks, allowing me to bathe - you're too kind". LOL - I was in such a bad mood. But because I do get that time alone I am able to bite my tongue. Most of the time :D