Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Hunger Games v Twilight: I weigh in

I have been reading a lot on line the past month or so about The Hunger Games being the "next" Twilight. Now, I am a true lover of both series. And I can not wait to see The Hunger Games trilogy make it to the big screen. But the two could not be more different. It's like comparing Vampires and Humans! Where Twilight is more focused on relationships and the supernatural, The Hunger Games is focused on survival and society. (With a love triangle thrown in of course!) You could go on for pages debating the differences between Katnis and Bella. And people love to point out that Katnis is strong, independent and driven. She is a fighter who makes her way on her own. Where as Bella relies on the men in her life to carry her. (But Bella comes into her own in Breaking Dawn, where she finally stands up for herself and makes the pivotal decisions to fight for her family.) The difference between the female protagonists and the settings of the books are just the main points. I feel that The Hunger Games is a more intense read. It is filled not only with war and blood shed,but desperation of human nature. Themes that Twilight does not even begin to explore. Hunger Games tends to be a more mature read and will translate into a bloody movie with intense action, if they do it right that is. And on that point it will be refreshing to see a female kick ass lead on the big screen. (Katnis can hang with the guys in hand to hand combat!) The casual observer will see another YA book phenomenon that made it to the big screen. They will see young adult characters in lead rolls and automatically think it's Twilight all over again, when in fact it is so much more. As much as I love Twilight, I think that The Hunger Games is a much, I don't want to say better, but maybe more grown up YA book. It makes you think. Because when it comes right down to it, Suzanne Collins takes relevant themes from today's world and blends them into a world that comes eerily closer to ours than Twilight ever could. So to call The Hunger Games the next Twilight is a little off the mark. Yes it is going to be a box office killer with a whole new cast of young stars to make famous. But in content, totally different. Let the Hunger Games stand on it's own.

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  1. I was glued to both series. Waiting with panted breath for the next books in both. In the end I think Bella was way more real that Katnis. I think that is why Twilight was able to translate into the big screen. I cannot imagine Katnis up there shooting arrows and calculating death and feeling as compelled to want to be her.

    The YA craze is such a band wagon these days. In Barnes and Noble they have a section called "Teen Supernatural Love" and it is multiple sections! In Sam's Club I picked a book out by the cover and author, James Patterson and when I got home realized it was also a Supernatural Teen book. BTW - LOVING IT! As posted earlier to you Witch and Wizard is a page turner!

    Oh So much to say and so much I really need to be doing :D