Sunday, January 2, 2011

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday and I rant about my mom!

Today was D's birthday. I could have done better,but I always second guess myself. This past week since Christmas has been a busy one. Last night we went out with our group of friends from high school. S and J were home, and P and M went and a couple of other people we had not seen in years. I had a good time. I really did. I did think that hubby was a tad loud, all these years and I still have not figured it out. Hopefully people didn't think he was too crazy. But the problem was the boys stayed with my mom and she has more issues than a train wreck! D told me she was crying and saying she has no friends and no one wants to come see her and she moved out here to be close to them and they don't want to stay with her. Well, of course because she pulls this crap. Than C cried and wanted to go home and she yelled at him and she was on D's case for something. They were besides them self. D even said he was trying to calm her down. Really ma? Manipulate the kid because manipulating me is not enough! She always tells me I have to go out and take time for myself and blah, blah. But when it comes down to it she only has complaints. I can not take this emotional roller coaster anymore! I will never go out if it means she has to watch them. Than today at church, I get there and she has them all worked up and D is crying and she is yelling at him and he ends up crying all through mass for daddy. And daddy was not there. And she made the whole thing worse. I wanted to take him downstairs, and she was like you will not. At that point what purpose did it serve to stay there. We were not going to get anything out of it, and only anger those around us. So by the time I got home to get ready for his party I was pissed at everybody. Than she was supposed to get the pizza for the party and she backed out of that. And she didn't have a present for him. She said she forgot it at home and didn't want to go back.Not that it is about gifts, but she had told him three times he didn't deserve anything. Does she forget the child is on the Autistic spectrum? He doesn't completely understand somethings. And she forgot to give him his Daytrana. And I always have to hear her complain about my in laws. She twists everything around and I hate it. She has issues and I am sick of trying to fix them. My marriage and my kids are happier when she gives us space! I don't want to be mean but that us how it is. My childhood was f&@# up, I want my kids to be normal. What ever normal is.

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  1. Yeah, your kids need to be away from crap like that. You and your husband will have to be the buffer if you continue their relationship. Honestly, she is off her rocker! Forgetting to administer much needed medication and then manipulating both children into tears is asinine and those boys deserve better. But ... you already know that. Easier said than done. Always here for you.