Thursday, January 20, 2011

Up Coming

So I have to say I am in a good place right now. It comes from writing, and putting my work out there, and taking time for myself. That time also includes meditation and prayer, and planning two trips with my BFF S for this spring and summer. More will come on that I promise. I can say we are taking the plunge into complete fandom! Things seem to be on the right track with the boys and I am enjoying being in the work force once more. Even though it is not my "dream" job. That would be to write, I am working on that. Well here is what I am reading now to be up here for review and my book challenge:

The Memory Palace By, Mira Bartok

Sapphique By, Cathrine Fisher

12.21.12 By, Killian McRae

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  1. Have you read any of "the girl" series by Stieg Larsson? The Girl Who Played With Fire is wicked good. Any interest? I could mail it to you.