Monday, February 21, 2011

Monday Madness

So Mondays will usually be when I post book reviews. Sadly, I don't have one for you today. I have two blog tours coming up in March and a couple other books waiting to be reviewed. But they became the casualty of a crazy weekend and a busy Monday.

I have so many things sitting on my desk it tends to be overwhelming. I have papers to fill out for the Realtor, my taxes to finish, scout stuff to go over, Sunday school lesson to plan, books to review, and a article to edit on St. Patrick. I guess I need to sit down and come up with a schedule. But the fact that I am on stimulus overload does not help one bit.

Yesterday my awesome realtor, Barbara, came over and we got the ball rolling on the short sale. There are a couple different avenues we can go down, depending on how the bank wants to play. The best case scenario being that the house takes until late spring to sell and the boys can finish out the school year. But the bank can always force a foreclosure, if they want to play nasty. So do we price low to sell quickly, or play hardball. Hubby has washed his hands of it. Decisions are all on my plate. Lucky me!

There does not seem to be too many rental properties available right now. Barbara thinks more will be popping up. That is my major worry right now, where the heck we are going to go. So far I have not gotten emotional. It's a house. As long as I have my boys, and we are all together, I can make another house a home. I do get weary when I think of my roses and peonies, my perennial garden. Being the dead of winter I can't even dig them up. I just keep waiting for it to hit me. It will. But I have to be the strong one for my boys.

So here's the plan for the blog. Monday will be book review day. I am going to try and get novel chapters and short stories up at least once a week. And update on the boys in between. Please let me know what you think. Do you like the new layout and setup? Do you like where the blog is going? Shoot me some ideas, let's get the creative juices flowing!!


  1. Yippiee! Thanks so much Kristin...working hard on it! :)