Friday, February 18, 2011

Update: NEW blog design!!

I really should be reading a book I have to review for a blog tour in two weeks. (I like to read them early) But I am having trouble getting into it. So I thought I would update you guys on a couple changes to my blog.

First I have switched to a domain name. For a time if you plug in the old address it will re-direct you. I have a few updated features and some added security, go ahead and comment to your liking. Your info is safe with me.

There are some ads. But, I only have ads for books and things I like and will not flood you with ads.On the separate pages there will be ads relevant to content.

Pages. You will notice there are now page tabs across the top allowing me to separate posts. One page will deal with the boys in my life, one with the progress on my novel, and one will eventually be up with short stories. I have one or two more pages planned eventually. The home page will always be book reviews and updates. Jump around, never know what you might read!! My rating system is as follows:  Earned a spot on my shelf (The best books here!), Willing to lend, but I want it back (I really liked it!) and last Can go on permanent loan (you figured it out!)

I am doing this all myself bear with me if any glitches come up. It is a work in progress. I am hoping to be selected for a couple more tour spots, which will enable me to bring you more content in the form of new books and authors. Let me know if you like the new format and if you find it easy to navigate. And feel free to give your friends the link!

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