Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Where did I go?

I know it seems I have been absent from the blog for the past week. I apologize! Life has gotten totally crazy and time has gotten away from me. But things seem to be settling back down. Last Friday I managed to loose all 24 chapters of my novel. After a frantic call to my friend, and a look through system restore, I was able to get it all back. With the exception of chapters 18 and 21-24. So I have been focused on re-writing those and making sure I back up all my files now. You would think that was a no brain-er!

Things are crazy busy in the review department. I just got a brand new book to review for emlynchand.com and my contributor page over there. I am also in the middle of setting up with a blog tour for Novel Publicity for a book called the King Whispers. I am excited about that because it is a non fiction political science type book. Love to challenge my mind.

And remember this Friday over on Twitter is my twitterview! I will have a link up here Friday morning.

Other than that..busy reading, writing, working, and being a mom. Let's see if I can fit anything else in!

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