Friday, April 8, 2011


I hate moving! I hate packing, boxes, big trucks and PACKING. I hate having to switch around utilities, change my address and packing. Did I mention packing? Yeah, I am moving at the end of this month. My house is on the market and pretty much it's a done deal. So when a offer to rent a really nice house in a great location fell in my lap..I took it. The key points being the kids can stay in the same school (we are regional and have school choice), it's only ten minuets away from my old house (but one town over) D can have his pets, which is a big one, and the price is right.

The only trepidation I have is we are renting from a pretty good friend and I hope it all works out. The other issue is her son is living in the in law apartment, hopefully that is also not an issue. It shouldn't be, he is pretty quiet and works a lot, and he is good with D. Really it comes down to the fact that I hate change as much as my boys. And this first part of 2011 has been riddled with change for me. A lot of personal changes that have been testing my faith. I have to keep telling myself that it's the best thing for the boys. If they couldn't have a yard to constantly play in and all their pets, well, it would be a sad state of affairs. Because unlike a lot of other kids, my boys are outside 24/7. They play really imaginative games, and at 8 and almost 11, it makes me so happy. They are both creative, fun loving, outdoors types. Sure they try my patience at every turn. But they are such good kids. I guess instilling my no video game policy from birth was a win/win. They can't stand video games. What other 10 year old boy says that!

So if I don't post as much please hang in there with me. It's due to the move and all the upheaval that comes with it. But please remember...starting this Sunday at midnight is the Autism Awareness Month blog giveaway hop! You have a chance from Sunday to Thursday night to visit the blogs, including mine, and try to win great prizes pertaining to Autism Awareness. Because every day 1 in 107 kids are diagnosed with Autism, most of them boys. The degrees of Autism can be varying, from highly functioning to needing care. But the fact is all these kids are amazing, loving, smart kids who need every chance to experience life to the fullest. Before you judge a kid having a tantrum, or the kid who can't sit still in church, or the child who can't stop talking about trains, stop and think. Don't get angry at a parent who might be having a hard day and knows the best way to handle THEIR child, stop and think. I really want to say that to people sometimes when my child is hiding under a table in a restaurant because the noise is so overwhelming, or can't sit still in church during the homily. His hands always have to be busy, I know he's eight, but let him color! Please visit and spread the word. to pack. Uck!

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