Monday, May 2, 2011


I am here! I am back....and I still have a scrap of sanity. After a week of moving, a weekend of crazy busy days, and a lot of ice computer is finally back on line. But to tell ya the truth, my hard drive crashed and I lost over ninety percent of my stuff. Mostly pictures and some unsaved poetry. Lucky, I had learned my lesson and backed up the novel to a flash drive. Because if that had been involved, well typing right now I would not be.

Saturday was the big move. And the lost cat saga. Tigger is so disturbed he has holed up in my bedroom of the new house and won't come out. In fact, it took me to days to find him and get him out of the old house. Now the poor little guy is scared fur less. Well, not literal, but you get the point. He is confused.

Sunday we had D's First Communion and than the 4H banquette. Both of which are really worthy of their own blog posts. Let's just say that the B's make themselves know where ever they go! Than there is the recent events of Sunday night that I could throw my two cents in on, my little fingers will be typing.

But the main point is I am back. Back in time for scheduled book reviews and blog tours. Back in time for thoughtful prose and mindless banter. But most important, back to being able to create. I will be getting caught up on all the blogs I follow and trying to get caught up with comments and answering emails. Bear with me.  So coming up for the month of May:

May 14th: Report from TwiCon ('s going to be fun!)

May 16th: review of the "Alchemist" By, Paulo Coelho

May 27th: Novel Publicity Blog Tour for "In Lea's Wake" By, Terri Giuliano Long
(I am also trying to set up an author interview with her, keep your fingers crossed!)

There might also be some secret giveaways this month..... As long as my computer holds up!

So happy to be back! (Even if it was only three days, it felt like forever.)

Be sure to check out the post on the Life in General page, it will fill you in on the move.

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  1. Glad your back and that you found your kitty!

    What is with the B family teaser? I need details - LOL