Thursday, May 19, 2011

What Happens in Hartford Stays in Hartford (that should be easy)

Yup, that’s right. My friend and I went down to Hartford CT. to attend the Official Twilight Convention put on by creation Entertainment. (I have to say “official” because in various other blog posts and facebook status I have said TwiCon. Which I have found out from Creation staff they do not like. So in the path of correctness I am referring to it as I was told.)

What we found was a vary disappointing vendor hall, more like a room with four tables, a scattering of women who were crazier than us, and a pretty boring schedule of events and second tier actors.

You know how it is when you have something all worked up in your mind and you are excited and ready to go. And than it does not live up to expectations. That my friends is what we faced. Now I am not saying that it was a total let down. The Hillywood show people were very entertaining and we got to see their parody on the big screen.(You can check them out at, their stuff is pretty funny!) And BooBoo Stewart was cute and a lot more funny and entertaining than I would have guessed. I enjoyed his Q and A. But that really only filled up an hour or two of the whole day we had planned. I was hoping for some more panels, some great meet and greats and some photo ops. had to pay extra for those. And they were scheduled at odd times. the idea crossed my mind to just go up and ask BooBoo for a picture with out the whole photo op ticket thing. Seriously, the security was pretty no existent, but it would have been too much effort. He’s not even a vampire!

I have to say the highlight of our trip was the people watching. Some of these women, and I say women because the influx of teens I expected was not there, were really over the top and out there. ( Maybe the teens were smarter than us and realized it would be lame.) Looking at the schedule of events, that ball at night must have been a pathetic affair. I guess I am really not the convention type. Or maybe a convention like Comic Con, or one in LA, would be more of what I had pictured in my mind. Who would expect a Twilight Convention in Hartford CT to bring on the stars. But I was expecting more of a party atmosphere.

But on the bright side I was able to spend the day with my best friend. We got to go to lunch, talk, hang out, and be without kids. Which frankly only happens once or twice a year if we are lucky. We never get to go out, the next time will probably be November. Although I hope not! Just seems like it’s so hard to connect, life gets in the way.

All in all we got that out of our system and we learned to make the best of it. Our excitement will be better saved for November and Breaking Dawn. Even the past midnight showings we went to were more of a party than that.

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  1. sounds like a bummer, but at least you had good 'girl' time! So Jealous about that :)