Monday, June 20, 2011

I am weighing in on the Hunger Games

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I reviewed them before, a while back when I first feel in love with them. But, with all the hype surrounding the upcoming movie of The Hunger Games I have to revisit them. (I haven't done this before have I?)

For all those who know me and read my blog, this may come as a huge surprise. I feel The Hunger Games is a vastly superior book series than the Twilight Saga. ***GASP**** Did I just say that? Really? Although I love Twilight, in a gooey candy, ice ceram in bed, kind of way, Hunger Games is vastly different. And superior in many ways.

You can compare them for love triangles and teen conflicts, but Hunger Games takes you to a level of dystopia conquest and deep thinking Twilight can never reach. Katnis is faced not only with love and death, but with the fate of a whole resistance movement, the life of her sister in her hands, a choice to follow her self, or to give in to the powers who be. Who want to mold her into a figure of war. She is in a post-apocalyptic society fighting for survival, all played out in the context of reality TV. Her battles and self perseverance hold higher weight and, her moral conflicts impact a whole nation. Beat that Bella.

The violence in my opinion is a little strong for younger teens. The bloodshed is high, the message of society and the implications of how we view war, and the exposure of kids and teens to violence, may be lost on some younger readers. You have kids fighting to the death on TV, how much more intense can you be. If done right the movie will translate well to the big screen and draw in a whole new set of fans who can benefit from the message and the very well written story.

If people stop comparing it to Twilight. As much as I love Twilight, the two can not be more different. And the comparison might just keep potential fans away. The Hunger Games movie has the potential to bring in a huge number of older adults and teens who could benefit from the message, this is not the fantasy of Twilight. This is the all too real question of how we view violence in society. And the more non reading people we get that to, the better.

So that is me on my soap box for today. I still love Edward and Bella. Still will be there on midnight for Breaking Dawn. But, if I had to choose, if I was looking for intense and quick reads that make me think, I would reach for the Hunger Games.

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