Monday, June 27, 2011

Monday Mail, Books, Writing and Summer Vacation

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Today the book I have been waiting to review showed up in the mail. "The Trust" is a legal thriller by Sean Keefer. I heard about this book a while back on novel Publicity, and I have been really looking forward to reading it and reviewing it. But right now I am reading "Insatiable" by, Meg Cabot, writing on both the novel, and a new short story I would love to put up here on the blog soon. And, I have just got into the HBO series True Blood. (Yeah, I know!) The problem being, that now it's summer vacation. That means I also have to be cruise director and chief entertainer of two young boys who like to be busy every second of the day. Oh yeah, I have work as well.

I love my boys. But some days the fighting, nagging, and repeated tattling just push me to the edge. Especially when words, both already written and waiting for me to write, are calling my name. At eight and eleven these boys should be past the "He called me bugger!", "He's looking at me!" stage. Add in D's defiant spells, and man, some days make me want to run. I threaten summer camp, when I can't really afford it. And I beg and plead, all to no avail. What saves them is that they really are good boys. Just a little rambunctious.

So I am wondering, how do other moms make time for writing during these summer months? Is it just a case  of grin and bear it? I usually fill my night time hours with reading, writing and the occasional DVD. But before I know it I have lost most of my sleep time.  Trade off I guess.

Well, two reviews coming up: "Insatiable" on July 9th and  "The Trust" on July 21st. And hopefully a new chapter of the novel and a short story. Depends on how loud the boys are.

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  1. One summer I got so run down with the constant "cruise directing" that I made a list of activities and didn't let the kids (I was sitting one of them) rest. I moved them from bike riding to running drills to coloring to snack time and if they didn't want to do it, I said "not an option, lets go". When I finally let it be movie time they were exhausted and actually watched the entire 2 hour show.