Tuesday, June 14, 2011

On The Fence

I am on the fence. Thursday Maggie Stiefvater will be in Wellesley with two other authors for the This Is Teen tour at Wellesley Book Stop. Back in March I was like I am so going to this! I am going and no one will stop me! Well...the time is here, and I don't think I am going.  I mean I want to go, so want to go. But it's almost a two hour ride from me. My friend S can't go with me, and I didn't really want to drive alone.

Rationally I know that this may be my one big chance to see Maggie and get her to sign my beloved copy of Shiver, and snag a picture.  Writing wise, it would be so beneficial to hear these three speak, including Meg Cabot.  It would be great to get some inside info on the YA world. But, in the link it almost sounded as it was geared to teens and the issues facing them today. I want to be up on those issues, but I have a fear of a revisit to the letdown that was the trip to Hartford. But on the other hand..Maggie will be there!

I have been walking around since Sunday grumbling and jumping from one side of the fence to the other. My mother offered to go with me. NO. That would be a huge spectacle of manic depressive, crazy, mother-isms. So don't want to go there! She puts down my writing all the time, why would I bring her into my world.  The sad thing is if S was going, I would be heading there in a heartbeat. Just with working the hours I am this week, I don't want to drive back late at night alone. Maybe I should put my big girl pants on and just do it! Grrrr.  Check out the link, http://www.wellesley.indiebound.com/event/this-is-teen-live. I probably should go!

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