Friday, July 8, 2011

Book Review: Insatiable By, Meg Cabot

So the last five or so books I have reviewed have been far from the frivolous. They have been about finding one's self, broken families, and broken hearts. So I decided I would take a break and go back to my vampires. A friend of mine had given me Insatiable to read a few months ago. But it sat on the side of my desk, covered by books that I needed to review for commitments, and overshadowed by my writing. I am glad I picked it up.

I had been looking forward to reading something by Meg Cabot. She writes adult as well as YA novels, and I have heard some good things about her. In fact, she was on the This is Teen tour with Maggie I never got to back in June.  For a juicy summer read you don't have to think much about, Insatiable fills the order.

The story centers around Meena Harper, a writer for a soap opera named Insatiable, who has a major grudge against vampires. But her boss is making her write about them anyway. The fact that Meena hates the supernatural is ironic, considering that Meena has the psychic ability to tell how everyone is going to die, just by meeting them once.

But her precognition can not prepare her for what happens when she meets and falls in love with Lucien Antonescu, a modern day prince with a dark side.  A dark side that turns out to be the very thing Meena abhors, he is a vampire. In a cruel twist of fate Meena find herself surrounded by vampires, and vampire hunters, in an epic struggle for control of their species.

The book is fast paced and includes a rather large cast of characters, without really feeling cluttered. What Meg manages to do is tap into the vampire craze, while poking fun at it, and still  give you an enjoyable story. Her references to other popular vampire series, think comments about sparkly vampires and Sookie Stockhouse, are not really over the top, but serve to drive her main characters point home. As well as add a bit of irony. I did feel she tried a little too hard to give her story credibility by adding over the top connections to Vad the Impaler and secret Vatican societies. A story line that would have worked better if it had more time to develop.

Reading the ending I felt the book was left open for a sequel. In fact, surfing the web yesterday I found there is a sequel out. All in all I liked the book as a quick summer read to give me a little dose of my vampire obsession. Meena Harper is a likable character,un-like other female leads who follow love blindly, she realizes what life and love with a vampire truly means and chooses a path that might surprise some.The book is a great one to get from the library.  If you have read the book, let me know what you think. I am looking forward to reading more from Meg Cabbot.

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