Saturday, September 10, 2011

The End of Summer

Labor Day weekend has long been held up as the end of summer. The end of lemonade, pools and long lazy days. Here it is also the annual Spencer Fair. The typical, quintessential, agricultural fair. And yes, we were there all weekend. But more on that later.

The last three weeks have seen D getting on track. Things have evened out and he seems to be settling into a better place. There is still alot of work on the horizon, but at least we have some tricks in our bag that are helping manage the storms. School has returned, and it was an easier transition than I thought. The routine of school and homework has brought some comfortable normalcy back into our lives. And I am liking it.
Tonight I noticed it was dark at 7:30, and there was a chill in the air when we took the dog out for her last walk of the night. Sure signs of fall. I am eager to get the fall decorations out.

I am also burnt out on cub scouts. It's feeling more like a chore than ever, and I would love to pass the reins over to someone else. But, good luck on finding someone. Maybe it just a result of my crazy emotional summer. But even hubby feels burnt out on it. I think we just need a break from our full plates. Fall has always been my favorite time of year, time when I want to sit and relax.

Last weekend was crazy busy. We were back and forth between the fair grounds showing D's cow and pulling tractors, and getting in touch with our "redneck" side. By the way, I think everyone should let a little
"redneck" into their lives. For us I should say "farmer side", it describes it better. Because really if you want to get a sense of old time New England and country fun, of kids just being kids, weather they are eight or fifteen, and adults who are willing to share their time and knowledge without wanting something back, spend some time in the "farm barn" at the Spencer Fair. (I am sure this can be found at any small town agricultural fair around the country.) There has to be something said for the 4H program and the values of heart, hands, health, and head. We have met some great people and some great friends in the "farm barn". And honestly, they are just good people. I would rather have my kids play with their 4H friends any day than some of the kids from school. To see kids be kids, while caring for their animals, and playing outside day and night...well call me old fashioned but, it's how it should be.

This year late summer also brings us to the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks. If you remember where you were, and I am sure you do, share it with your kids. For them it's an abstract concept. My oldest son was eighteen months old, my youngest not even born. I took the time today to talk to them about it, to show them the footage. Not to scare them, but least we forget. I can still remember the fear in my core that day. The need to hold everyone I love. I don't want them to think it doesn't effect them now, ten years later, because it has changed our whole way of life as a country. Stop and say a prayer tomorrow. Bow your head and remember. Think of those we lost. For the loss our collective innocence. September has never been the same. 

*Book reviews will be returning this week, with a blog tour scheduled for early October. Sorry for the delay in posts.*

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