Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Starting the New Adventure

So I am reading Farsighted, and I am loving it. It actually is kind of surreal that I am working for Novel Publicity. And even more surreal that I am getting paid to do things I love to do anyway. Read and write. Even with the"small"assignments I have been given, I am jumping right in. So for the next couple of weeks I am sure you will be sick of me gushing. But hey, it's about time I have something good to write about.

The one draw back I see, well it's not even a draw back really. Just a minor annoyance. Is the fact that my clueless mother keeps calling me and asking me what I am doing with "this novel thing." She has no clue about blogs, or social media, and the whole business that Novel Publicity is in. She has never really been behind me with my writing. I guess she has just always seen it as a hobby of sorts. She talked me out of going to college for English Lit, "what kind of job can you get with that?" Like I have ever really used that Criminal Justice degree I got. And god forbid I ever let her read anything I write. She picks it apart and never really likes it. Even the few things I have had published were picked apart, after publication.  (She still has not figured out how to get on my blog.) If I hear her say one more time, "Well, I hope it all works out like you think it's going to." I am going to run screaming from my phone.

But my friends are all excited. And I finally have some vindication with the hubby. I told him if he stuck with me all the countless hours in front of my computer would pay off in the end. I am jumping into this with both feet. I never do anything halfway, I am stubborn. If I put my mind to it I will eventually get it.

So I am going to leave you with one of my favorite lines from Farsighted so far. I am going to go read.

"Ugh, I hate when she uses the same words as me. I make a mental note never to say, or think, the words “cool guy glasses” again." Farsighted p.10


  1. Ahw, thanks, Becca. Nonwriters never understand, but that's okay. You'll get used to it ;-)

    Love your enthusiasm!

  2. I love random quotes that totally fit into every day life! Granted if you're caught up with me you know I am reading a crass bio with lots of fun quotes, but not ones I actually think about in every day life. Yours is perfect.

    So many congrats going your way.