Thursday, October 13, 2011


Wow..things are really taking off with Novel Publicity. I am busy, and I am loving it. The social media blitz is well under way for Farsighted and I am working hard on all my posts to go with it. (You will have to check back on October 24th, the E-Book release date, to see my review.) I am also going through blog host applications and various other tasks. (I have to find some time to work on my book in there. I have been neglecting it.)

Other than that the kids are keeping me busy, I still have the bakery job, and taking care of everything around here. But amazingly hubby is steeping up. I might actually go out on a limb to say I am loving life right now. I mean I still have some issues, I need to look for a new vehicle for one, but I am positive. And that is something I have not been in a while. Maybe it's the season. I love fall. Give me leaves, pumpkins, cool nights and warm days. I love to decorate for Halloween and rake leaves. Fall is my time to be outside. I just have always loved it. Some see fall as an ending, a time when things die and go into hiding for the winter. I see it as a time of change, a time to reflect, to slow down and prepare for the better things to come. And really, better things are coming.

I have some things in mind for the coming weeks, so bear with me. Right now I am going to leave you with an excerpt from Farsighted, a small teaser of a paragraph. Enjoy!

From the stillness, a chorus of voices mixes together—babies, kids, and adults. A

gust of wind sweeps by as a group of people walk past, speaking a language I don’t quite
recognize. Chinese maybe? Suddenly, I realize how cold the air is. A snowflake drops
and melts on my cheek. Another follows. People continue walking by on both sides of
me, laughing, chatting, and playing. A sharp scream pierces the thin, cold air. Its sound
waves reverberate like daggers. Several more screams, running, crying. A loud
animalistic roar rises about the commotion followed by a low, deep laugh, one I
recognize without the slightest bit of hesitation. Dax!
Farsighted copyright 2011 by Emlyn Chand

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