Friday, October 28, 2011

Farsighted and Twilight. Yes Twilight fans will love it...

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This post is dedicated to Twilight fans. If you are looking for something to read now that the saga is coming to a close look no farther, Farsighted is your cure. The similarities are striking, but not so much as to be a carbon copy.  Fans of YA and paranormal romance will not be disappointed. Below are just a few points to peak your curiosity.

We all remember the scene in Twilight where Edward is explaining Alice’s ability to tell the future. “Alice’s visions are subjective.” He tells Bella. In other words, don’t read too much into them. Through the course of Farsighted we learn the same can be said of Alex’s visions. He “sees” Simmi getting killed, he sees her in some kind of struggle with Dax, but is this what he is truly “seeing”. Or has the subjective stepped in. Has Alex not seen the complete picture? But the main character’s ability to tell the future is not the only thing Twilight and Farsighted have in common.

There are the obvious similarities. Mind reading, seeing the future, manipulating emotions, and the start of a love triangle. And than there are the less obvious ones. Bella and Simmi have similar personalities. They are both easy going, trusting and quick to forgive. Just as Edward leaves Bella alone in the forest, Alex says hateful things to Simmi. And they both let the guys back in their lives without so much as a questioning argument. They are both the new girls in school, befriending the outcast guy. And they both have introverted tendencies.

Than there is the more outgoing best friend types. Just as Alice pulls Bella to parties and shopping, Sharpi brings Simmi out of her shell. The perfect contrast to their quietness. And while Alice can see the future, Sharpi can see the dead. (Which I think is a much cooler power) Which can aid both of them, and did when it came to the struggles they faced in the end.

Dax, what can we say about Dax? Like Jasper he is learning to control his power. As Jasper learns to deal with the “vegetarian” vampire lifestyle, Dax has to learn how to control his telekinetic powers. Both struggles that lead to conflicts in the future.

It will be interesting to see where Farsighted takes us in that future. Will Simmi fall in love with Alex, or will Alex find a true connection with Sharpi. Will Dax turn out to be evil? Or will the connection with Alex be a strong force to contend with.  I eagerly await the second chapter to Farsighted.  Visit the Farsighted page on Novel Publicity to learn more.

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