Monday, October 3, 2011

Music and Writing

What do you think about music while you are writing. Do you find it a distraction? Or does it add to your creative experience?  (I know so many questions for a Monday.) I like background music when I am writing. Weather it's soft and instrumental or loud and fast to get me pumping out the words. I have a play list for every mood in my writing. There are songs that have inspired and influenced scenes in my book. And songs that actually get a mention. One of my best friends even brought a song to my attention that she though would fit my book perfectly. And to the play list it was added.

A few of my favorite writers have the same feeling. And actually have the play lists posted on their personal blogs. Last year I wrote a post that highlighted some songs for the characters in my book. It was during that post that I realized there is a lot of me in my female protagonist. (I never set out to write her that way.) And what I have in store for her in the end has a powerful song attached to it. Every time I hear it I see the scene play in my head.

So it is with curiosity I ask. Who else has that connection to music in their writing?

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