Sunday, October 16, 2011

"Niggle" (Just for fun on a Sunday Afternoon!)

I get this word of the day thing that comes across the top of my tool bar. And today's word was niggle. Now I think of myself as pretty smart when it comes to words. I can toss big words around, hey, I write for a living now. I was always at the top of the class in vocab and reading. (Spelling? Well, now that is a different story, and a post for another time.) But niggle baffled me. I have to admit I didn't know that one. So I looked it up and came up with this definition:

intr.v. nig·gled, nig·gling, nig·gles

1. To be preoccupied with trifles or petty details.
2. To find fault constantly and trivially; carp. (See Synonyms at quibble)

Than I googled it and came up with a few more interesting definitions. Like this one in the "Urban Dictionary": Niggle To screw someone or weasle your way into something. Especially used while playing classic multiplayer video games. "Dude, you niggled me in Mario Kart." I also saw it was a card game, a app for an i-phone game from a search company (see graphic), and a few interesting other usues. Who would have known.

OK. Makes sense. (A little different than what I was thinking, but my mind was in another place at the time.) And now that I think of it I have been known to niggle. Who hasn't? But it certainly is an unusual word. I might have to find ways to slip it into everyday conversation and see if people catch on. (It's synonym is certainly far more common.) You could slip in a , "Hey, you really are niggled today." Or maybe, "Why do you have to niggle so much?" I think I am starting to like the sound of it.

I am also thinking that those unusual words that pop up there might be good writing prompts. I have tried a few short stories and found out that I am so much better at novel length writing. Maybe I can limit myself to a couple hundred words on the story of a niggler. Maybe he can be a cantankerous old man who can't see past the trivial. Or maybe a mother who niggles too much on her boys. Hmmmm.

If anyone has any strange words they found got them to write, include them in a comment. Maybe we can do a guest post on the best "niggling".

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  1. Niggle HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH it just sounds funny all around.