Sunday, October 9, 2011

What I Have Learned This Week

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I have just finished up my first week of tasks for Novel Publicity. I thought that back when Emlyn did my blog eval I was set. But going through all the blogs I have been, and searching for other women's fiction blogs, I learned there is always room for improvement on my own blog. Some other points I have learned:

** There are tens of thousands of awesome blogs out in the book blogging web universe. And most of them are designed by women. These blogs focus on all kinds of genres and posts and they are all unique. (There are some bad ones, but they are easy to see how bad on the home page.)

** A lot of people have review policies. I don't. I never felt the need to.

** I like my blog un-cluttered.

** I am meticulous (sometimes overly meticulous) and very critical of my own work.

** I don't know when to stop, I have been staying up real late.

**There are a lot of amazing authors and books out there. I have only yet began to scratch the surface.

I am sure I had many other thoughts on my mind. But I am just really tired right now. All I do know is that I need to add my own book to that list some day. I am renewing my drive and my faith in my work. I am shutting out that little voice that says "you can't" and filling my head with "you cans!" And no, I am not talking to myself!

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