Sunday, November 13, 2011

Four Days To Go!!!!

Today I am locking myself in my office and hoping to get piles of work done. The in box is full of blog evals, books to read, and a host of other posts to write. And I have to squeeze in work on the novel to meet my self imposed first of the year dead line. I got the boost I needed last night when my brother and sister in law came over with my nieces to celebrate my birthday, and she made me the most amazing Twilight themed cake!!!!
Trust me, after the week I had the night was really needed. So today it's back to writing. In four days we will be off for our girl's night out to Breaking Dawn. Right now I am going to go research grave yards for the novel, evaluate some blogs, and browse over BookBlogs.  Happy Sunday!!!


  1. I love the cake - I love the new blog. You are on a roll!!!!!!!!!!

    Plus you both look really pretty in the picture. Please teach me to be photogenic!

  2. Aww....thank you so much!!! I have such a good feeling about my writing and the blog..I am loving it. Best part of my life. I really like this picture too! Mel has worked so hard and i am so proud of her weight loss. And I actually like myself in this one!!!