Friday, December 2, 2011

Remembering the Worcester 6

Born and raised in Worcester MA my heart will always be there. (Even after I moved 15 miles to the west to live in the Brookfields.)  11 years ago today I was pregnant with my eldest son, and watching the fire you see below rage. I have many friends who are firefighters, and a city stood still that day. And a country mourned with us.

I still can not go by that spot, now a fire station, and not feel a tightness in my chest. A tear in my eye. I tell my sons about it all the time. Show them the old news footage, and talk about it on this night. It can be an abstract concept, heroism. But the stuff that true heroes are made of was shown that night. And again two short years later on 9/11.  Please watch. And say a prayer for the Worcester 6. You will never be forgotten.

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