Sunday, January 8, 2012

Questions on writing....

I have a question for all those who regularly follow my blog, and have read excerpts, or the chapters I have complete, of my novel. I have hit a stalemate or roadblock so to speak. If you have been privileged enough to read the chapters I have complete you know that I have been writing from first person POV. Not only that, but have been switching the POV between the two main protagonists.  It is a tricky road to take I know. Not the standard way to approach first person POV. But I have seen it work in other novels.

The problem I am encountering now is that I feel one of the secondary characters need to speak. His back story and take on events so far will really add to the story. I have scratched out notes on how this transition would take place, and it seems it would be his POV for only two chapters.  So do I go for it? Do I add like a little "Book 2" inside "Book 1" sort of thing, or do I just transition  into him as a dream sequence. (He is a ghost after all.) The rules of paranormal writing can be stretched. But I am not comfortable with how far. At 104 pages my fast paced story seems to have hit a crucial point.

My question for you fellow bloggers, book lovers and writers is this. Will adding a third POV, no matter how short lived, confuse the reader?  Does the feel of multiple narrators turn you off from a book? How do you deal with secondary characters who are crucial to the book? If you feel like commenting please do. All ideas are welcome, because I  really need to finish this book.  (And if you are familiar with the book so far, it's Aaron.  I feel like we need more insight into his character.)

The second question I have pertains to titles. Have you switched to title of your book from one you picked in the beginning to a more suitable title? I have kind of pointed out from the beginning the title was a "working" title. Now the deeper I get into the story I am not sure how the title fits. Writers, does a title ever jump out at  you? Or do you end up raking your brain over and over for something different and witty.  Let me know. Maybe we can have a title contest.


  1. What an interesting questions! I personally like when there is more than one POV, as long as it's clearly noted. I really enjoy being able to see the bigger picture of the story. When I read your post, I immediately thought of the character Simon in Cassandra Clare's Mortal Instrument series, as well as Across the Universe by Beth Revis. If it adds meaningful, insightful content, I'd say go for it!

  2. Thanks so much!!! I think I might try it and see, I can always edit. I feel like the content will be valuable to the story. A novel is like your baby and you don't want to steer them wrong. :)