Friday, January 6, 2012

Reading and Writing in 2012

I got two real great tech gifts for Christmas. I finally got my Kindle, and I got an i-phone. Both of which are really getting a work out already. I fought the Kindle for a couple of years. I was on the fence. I love traditional books and seeing their straight spines lined up on my book shelf. (There is nothing better than sitting in my favorite chair with the smell of new ink and crisp pages in my hands.) But than I held the Kindle, felt it in my hands, and the lure of tens of thousands of books just a click away was too much to refuse. I downloaded twelve books that first night. Everything I could find from blogger buddies, and a couple of old stand-byes too. I still love my paper books, still picked a new one up today, but the convenience of the Kindle has pulled me in!

So look for a lot of reviews coming up. I am just about to finish Eve by Anna Carey and I have The Scorpio Races lined up next. That brings me to the Goodreads reading challenge. Last year I challenged myself to 100 books. That was no way near what I read. I was busy and topped out at 22 books, which was a disappointment  to me. This year I challenged myself with a more modest 30. That way if I go over that I can really feel good, and beat last year at the same time. Hopefully I will be in some more blog tours and churning out the posts for Novel Publicity as well.

So the writing, and my book. In the last months of 2011 the book suffered. It has sat, despite my proclamation and goal of being complete by the first of the year. My life is challenging, sometimes a mess, and the mess got in the way of the book the last couple of months. So I owe it to those who have been reading it and offering ideas along the way, (and to the characters, and to myself) to finish it.  Setting time aside each day to write will be a goal. Hopefully a manageable goal.

Thanks to all the fellow bloggers who follow me, and to all the blogs I have been evaluating, for the friendships I have made and the inspiration they have provided along the way. The indie book community is alive and well. It is flourishing, and we continue to grow and learn and push the boundaries of traditional publishing.  It is us bloggers who push the indie movement along and spread the word. So continue the reading and writing in 2012 and grow the community to even bigger heights.

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