Thursday, February 23, 2012

Cows,Walks in the Woods, and Hidden Cabins

I have been neglecting my blog it's true. Between moving and figuring out where my head is at, or should be, I have somehow stopped writing. I have posted a few book reviews but other than that my mind has been too absent to write. Until today. As writers there is always something that steps out and gives us the proverbial slap in the face. The shot we need to finish that WIP. Or start another one. (Because really, most of us have more than one story in our heads at any given time.) Today inspiration came to me at an unexpected time and place.

I was at my friend's house a few towns over taking care of my son's cow and rabbit. (Since our move we had to house our rabbit there as well as find a new home for our dog. Luckily we were able to take our cat into the apartment with us. It has been a really tough transition.) It was such a beautiful day, very unusual and springlike for February in Massachusetts. So I asked the boys if they wanted to take the cows for a longer walk. (Yes take the cows for a walk. The boys show cows for 4H and that is part of bonding with the cows to be able to show them competitively.) So we set out with my friends oldest son, and my two boys, and the two little cows, down the horse trail connecting the two farms. Well into the woods on the property bordering the next farm we came across a little cabin.
 It was nestled beside a small brook, on a little knoll, and was pretty well built and taken care of. Adirondack chairs sitting on the little porch, well pump out back, trailing vines up the side wall. It was right out of a story book. I had heard stories of the "cabin" and the other night had seen pictures of it being built in a scrap book I was looking at with my friend. But I had never imagined it to be the picture perfect site that was before me.

In fact it instantly brought to mind the little cabin Mellors inhabited in Lady Chatterley's Lover. I could almost see Constance Chatterley running through the woods to meet him on the porch.  Mellors braiding flowers in her hair in the sunlight. I wanted to stand in awe. Push open the door and explore it's little loft. Watch dust molts dancing in the weak sunlight. But alas, the boys were there. In fact my little one D did run up and go inside. He was enthralled by it also. I had to tie the cows up and go after him. They didn't mind the chance to graze on the soft grass peaking up between the moss and leaves. And I didn't mind the excuse to go into the cabin. It was as perfect inside, with books, yes books, lining shelves up to the loft. A wood stove, comfy couches and an old fashioned water pump in the courner. Yes I want to run away and live there.  It was obvious someone not too long ago had.

As the boys chattered on the way back about how they could function in the cabin without a bathroom, my mind was weaving tails. I was imagining my own escape to write the next best seller holed up between it's sweet walls.  I was creating characters and scenarios. I was building the plot line, I was coming up with the opening line. I want to find my way back there and snuggle up on the couch with a glass of wine and my lap top. Would the cows be in it? Or the horses out in Mary's pasture. I know what the main character wants, and how she has to break hearts to get it. Yes the next WIP is born.

I might just walk the cows that way every day. Come up with an excuse to linger on the porch. I never thought their "cabin" was such a magical force. Because that's what I felt there. That they have this secret hidden gem and no one seems to treasure it. I want to steal someone away and rest between it's walls. It has bewitched me with some kind of  magic. And with a renewed desire to write. I'm sure that this mild weather won't last. That the cold will come steal the tender grass back to it's February sleep. That the muddy path will become impassable until spring truly comes. That the cows will balk at walking through the woods again. Cows are temperamental creatures after all.  But I will make my way back to the little cabin. Find a way to go inside.

I needed that walk today. To infuse me with some calm. As I watched the kids run down the driveway in front of me, cows trailing behind, I knew that the cabin would be calling me back.

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