Thursday, March 22, 2012

Books to Movies: A little rant on my soap box


I can rant on here, it's my blog. If you follow me you know I love my books. And I am a Twilight fan yes. Is it the most perfect book in the world? No. It does not compete with Bram Stoker's Dracula or Jane Austin, but I like it. So sue me. And then there is The Hunger Games. I love that series. Suzanne Collins is a amazing writer.  She brings up so many valid social points and issues in the Hunger Games that I am afraid they will be lost on some movie goers who are flocking to the movie due to unending hype.  In fact I hate when they point out the "love triangle" in early reviews and descriptions. This is most certainly not a main point of the story. Katniss is fighting for so much more than two guys. The weight of a resistance movement ends up on her shoulders. (I do have my tickets already and I am waiting more than anxiously for Saturday night when I am going to see it!)

So I went over to YouTube and watched the early teaser trailer for The Host. First of all I was disappointed in the trailer. You really get none of the gist of the move or the story by the trailer. Than I made the mistake of reading comments. Now I do think that The Host is Stephanie Meyers' better work. The book is deeper, better written and more original that the Twilight books. But I was so taken aback and offended by comments posted by people who have obviously not read the book, and were ripping it based on their preconceived notions on the Twilight Movies. (Which they had obviously not seen also) This is a point I am trying to make. Some times the hype surrounding book to movie adaptations serves to discredit the books. Just because some things become popular and go "viral," for lack of a better word,  people are so ready to write it off as pop culture junk. Just because something is not your "cup of tea", doesn't mean that it's junk. Isn't it more important that Twilight has gotten millions of teens, and even adults, to read. That it has drawn them to other books and to keep reading. Than weather or not it's award worthy. I am pretty sure Stephanie Meyer didn't set out to write the next War and Peace. She wrote the story that spoke to her. Just as we all do as writers.

As a book blogger I have read all kinds of books. Some great, and some not so great. But all with a story to tell. And not all books translate well to movies. I have to say I love the Twilight Movies, they offer me a little bit of escape from my day to day life. I hope to love The Hunger Games movie. For maybe a different reason.  For the hope it makes people think. Not everybody is going to like the same things. But we really don't need to rip into and belittle people for what they like. As I get close to finishing my book I just hope that it has an audience. And that it speaks to someone. Because it has that story that needs to be told.

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